Empatica Communications supports organizations and individuals to lead, inspire, and collaborate using authentic connection. A communication choice that will positively affect your emotional well-being, lead your teams towards authentic agreement, and give ease in communication without resentment.

Empatica Communications coaches, facilitates, and inspires organizations and individuals to learn Empathy as a workplace and relationship skill creating awareness and making Empathy actionable. What does that mean? It means the old paradigm of “doing business” without taking into account our humanness is ending. We are evolving into Homo-Empaticus.

The human connection is almost a myth. In the workplace, almost unthinkable. People crave purpose and connection. They crave meaning in their workplace and lives. Empatica Communications shows and shares how Empathy is learnable, repeatable and scalable. If you and your organization are ready to tap into your human capital potential, if you are tired of sleep walking through life, through your job and through your relationships, Empatica Communications shares a blueprint that teaches a language of connection and possibilities.

The mission of Empatica Communication is to help people build trust and connection in the relationships that matter most to them. Empatica Communications does this by helping to:

  1. Normalize Empathy as a workplace skill and relationship skill.
  2. Create a more caring societal system while dissolving systems of exclusion and its four main motivators: Fear, Shame, Guilt and Violence.
  3. Develop collaborative communication skills for joyful authentic connection.

The workplaces and relationships we dream of are not only possible but probable using the framework and training offered by Empatica Communications. We invite you to discover a communication choice that is neither submission nor rebellion. A communication choice that will positively increase your bottom line, your productivity, and your emotional well-being. A communication choice that will enable you to Speak Empathy.