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What is empathy?

Empathy is a valued currency that when applied allows us to creates bonds of trust. It’s a social and emotional skill that helps us know, feel, and understand the intentions, circumstances, emotions, thoughts and needs of others such that we can offer appropriate, perceptive and outstanding communication support. In short, it’s the basis for all effective and successful communication!

But wait, there’s more! Empathy is also about social change!

When people think of empathy, they tend to see it as a soft skill, full of yielding and niceness. That’s a part of empathy, but there’s a deeper and more full-bodied form of empathy that helps you engage with people when they (and you!) are not feeling nice at all.

It’s not about being nice. It’s about being authentic, truthful and kind while having real connection.

Empathy: On the outside, empathy may look like niceness and similarity, where everyone agrees and feels the same. But in the deep practice, empathy is about being comfortable in the presence of difference. More than ever our world needs this!

What is an empathy coach?

I have an answer for you but first let me ask you this…
Ask yourself this – If my position, title, role or formal authority were removed, would the people that I am leading still gladly follow me?

When we remove any formal authority, coercion, manipulation or guilt then and only then can we know we are in full agreement. When each person involved has their needs met you know it’s likely a win win agreement that will not have backlash or resentment. When we take an approach of understanding human to human we create empathy and trust. An Empathy coach helps you understand the modalities and technologies within empathy so the relationships, whether business of personal, that matter most to you, are successful, harmonious and filled with ease.

Why should I learn empathy?

It’s very unfortunate that in our current societal paradigm very few people have literacy in expressing their feelings and needs. We have been trained from an early age to complain, criticize, use insults, and communicate in ways that create more distance between people. In essence, we have been taught to play a game of “who’s right”. All this takes us further away from resolution. The use of Empathy teaches us to sense the needs of others regardless of how others are expressing themselves. Empathy and Non- Violent Communication used together give us the skills that empower us to connect with a quality of respect allowing genuine cooperation inspired by trust.

Additionally, research confirms that people with empathic skills lead happier lives, have healthier and more harmonious relationships, and are more successful. Having a high degree of empathic skills also improves your communication and leadership abilities. And who doesn’t want that!

Is Empathy really so important?

To effectively navigate the social world, it is important to understand others, to infer their thoughts and feelings, and to affectively connect to their emotional experiences. In other words, the extent to which one can empathize with others is a key component of a successful social interaction.

Don’t I have empathy already?

Most likely, yes. But often times our social conditioning has trained us to shut it off. I will show you how to unlearn these social conditioning and help you re-join with your innate capacity for connection.

I know I have empathy already but how can I expand my own empathic potential for better leading skills/ better parenting/ being a better spouse or life partner?

I want to applaud your willingness to expand your empathic skills. It’s a habit we can cultivate making it easier to forge positive connection with others. People who use empathy to engender trust and build bonds are catalysts who are able to create positive communities for the greater good. Whatever is your relationship of focus there is always more to learn and we would be honored to help. No matter where you are starting from Empatica Communications can listen to your specific needs and help you achieve those desires and goals. Please contact us for a needs assessment to get started.

Can you teach someone to be empathic?

Yes! Empathy is like a muscle. The more you use it, the more your brain lights up in key areas making it easier each time. But even if empathy does not come naturally to some of us, we can develop empathic skills like learning any other skills. Empatica Communications has developed workshops that can give you the skills you need and want no matter where you think you are on the empathy spectrum.

Why do I need empathy as a workplace skill?

Numerous studies link empathy with increased sales, increased profit, increased job satisfaction leading to less absenteeism, enhanced team performance and overall efficient and willing teams. Empathy is a skill to develop for leaders and teams alike.

But I am busy! Is there really time in the business world to show Empathy?

Let me ask you this, how much time do you think you spend trying to resolve conflict, miscommunications, and overall slow team productivity? Much of what slows organizations down is ongoing conflict either external or internal to each team member (and leadership team). If he/she does not have a trusting and safe environment in which to voice their concerns what likely occurs is unexpressed anxiety that can turn up in unexpected and undesirable ways. What Empatica Communications offers is a way to ensure you are getting a buy in on the front end. Integrating Empathy into your organization’s culture and making it actionable is an investment for your entire organization.

Why do I need empathy as a workplace or relationship skill?

It is very unfortunate that very few people are literate in expressing their needs. Instead, we have been trained to complain, criticize, even insult, and communicate in ways that creates distance. This results in further decreasing opportunities for productivity and peaceful resolution. Empathy teaches us to sense the needs of others regardless of how they may be expressing themselves. Empatica Communications can help you learn how to do this resulting in more harmonious and respectful relationships.

What is your definition of violence?

Any act that harms and has harmful intention. This means violence can take the form of verbal, psychological, or physical.

Is there anything else I should know?

Yes, Empathy skills are not just good for you, your business organization, and your family, empathy builds a more caring, civil, and peaceful society. By creating an Empathy practice you are changing the world for the better, you are healing our world. Please join us on this journey.

I like what I am reading and am ready to take the next step. What do I do to get started?

We are thankful for your interest. We would invite you to send us an email explaining who you are and what has prompted your interest along with your background info. Please send us an email here

I have some questions that are not in the Q&A. How can I get my questions answered?

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