A More Beautiful Question

Since the age of nine I’ve been haunted by one question. What is my purpose?

Discovering over time my natural empathic skills and my highly sensitive senses made me struggle tremendously in a fast-paced and violent world. The depth of what I would feel in the presence of violence forced me to armor myself, pretend I had no emotions, and quite frankly act “tough” for much of my young life. I was traumatized and suffering but hid it causing an array of dysfunctional coping strategies. Life at that time for me had no fulfillment and even less authenticity. After a long journey towards healing and personal metamorphosis, I began to awaken, remove my armor and see the world and people as extensions of myself. Unpacking this one question made me ask: What are my natural talents, what lights me up, and how can I heal the world so no person feels the violence of psychological, emotional or physical abuse in the home and the workplace.

Connecting the Dots

We are each a mosaic of our experiences. The sum total of all endured and sought out. In the schools I attended and the social realm, respect was hard-won and easily lost, so must constantly be guarded. As an adult, I learned corporate and business culture are not much different. After countless experiences, (directly and indirectly) of violence and domination culture in business and the social sphere I began to seek a better way of communication. This initiated my ongoing pursuit and study of human dynamics. I craved a future in which peace and commerce live together in harmony.

Birth of Empatica

The truth of human tendencies towards violence is hidden in our story. Once it is uncovered we must rewrite our stories with the re-framing of Empathy and Respect. Living and loving is a collaborative work of art yet to be discovered. My calling, passion and natural talent is to illuminate those whom are willing to evolve their story and thus those around them. I am committed to leading with humanity.

I think we can all agree the world could benefit from more peacefulness. Empatica shows how it starts with you and your organization.

The workshops I have developed give each participant the experiential skills of tangible strategies to use in the workplace and the home.

This practice is about social change and personal change. As the great Marshall Rosenberg said, “What can I do to make life more wonderful for you?” Imagine being asked this and the tremendous consideration you could feel.

I created Empatica to help reveal to you how to lead and inspire your teams towards ah-ha moments of productivity and creativity. To help you connect deeper than ever thought possible with your loved ones. And to create peace within yourself.

Don’t just speak, Speak Empathy! #speakempathy

About Naomi Rieger

Naomi is a genuine change enabler who masters inclusive processes that build trust, transparency and authenticity. She is an enthusiastic pathfinder equally at ease with grass-root communities and senior policy leaders. A passionate relationship creator operating with multicultural empathy to guide complex human concerns onto workable paths. Her approach increases productivity, ROI, and trust in the workplace allowing people to feel seen, heard, and valued.

Naomi is a trained Mediator, Empathy Coach, and Caring Economy Advocate who has been recognized throughout her career for knowing how to bridge ideas and people. Her poise and capacity for being a colorful and engaging storyteller combined with her highly empathic listening skills cultivating pathways of discovery and learning for attendees. She holds a Bachelors’ degree in Interior Design from the Art Institute and an Associates degree in Business Management  from Louisiana State University.

Key Competencies:

• Multi-Cultural

• Peace-building

• Leadership & Group Facilitation

• Empathy in the Workplace

• Human Capital Mindfulness

• Mediation & Conflict Resolution

• Organizational Universal Needs

• Empathy Organization Assessments

• Non Violent Communication

• Ethical Business Practices