What happens when we stop suppressing our human empathic capacity and relearn how to truly connect with others?

Empathy Assessment – Empatica Communications will do an assessment by listening in order to understand, collecting data to measure where your level of Empathy is now and then identify what you desire to achieve. This is the crucial first step in planning the training sessions.

Empathy Coaching – Learn Empathy Skills for the relationships that matter most to you, Non-Violent Communication or Compassionate Communication, Develop Self-Empathy, Connecting as a foundation to all communication, Identify limiting beliefs hindering communication, Responding from your positive center.

Empathy Over Arousal/HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) Self Care – Do you feel everything and everyone? Does this world seem too fast and too much? Do people tell you “you’re too sensitive”? You’re far from alone and there are self-care techniques and support that can help. Empatica Communications can help you find your balance, renew your vitality while still holding sacred the gift of Empathy.

Life Design – Develop your own personal Life Vision, Mission, and Legacy. Learn how to speak impeccably and with integrity. You will create epic gratitude and legendary connection with the people whom matter most to you. Design your life from the inside out and you will be Empathy in Action!

Conflict Resolution and Mediation – If you are in need of a neutral 3rd party, Empatica Communications will mediate for the parties in your organization. Mediation is an opportunity to work out a mutual agreement. Training and Certificate issued by the Austin Dispute Resolution Center. Please email for further details.

Partnership Mindfulness – Develop awareness concerning partnership that empowers all. Learn how to identify and promote more empathic ideals and policies. Learn how social systems support the expression of human capacities. Adopt a method of non-violence which are essential for social justice for both genders.

Empathy Tribe Member – After 3 cycles of training and competency evaluation, you will be recognized as a “Speak Empathy” Tribe Member. You will be given credentials, a certificate and some cool swag that will show you are part of the “Speak Empathy” members tribe.