If we bring Empathy and Profit together what will our workplaces look like?

Empathy Assessment – Empatica Communications will do an assessment by listening in order to understand, collecting data to measure where your level of Empathy is now and then identify what you desire to achieve. This is the crucial first step in planning the training sessions.

Workplace Empathy Coaching and Workshops – After an assessment, we will recommend a custom workshop and plan of action determined from your specific organizational goals. Empathy workshops are formatted in 2 or 3-day segments in a series of progression. The workshops are experiential and consist of learning, reviewing, team role play, and reflections on what was learned. You will sit, stand, move around, and most importantly, walk away amazed at the fun you experience as you integrate the concepts of Empathy. An empathy info-graph roadmap will be created from the knowledge we share for your organization’s universal goals. Depending on your assessment and organizational goals, some of the things you could learn include:

  • How to manage challenging personalities in the workplace
  • How to be heard and understood
  • How to rise above a situation and create a bridge between parties
  • How to foster willingness and energy in teams
  • How to get projects done faster
  • How to de-escalate a tense situation
  • How to understand your organizational universal needs
  • How to decrease resentment in the workplace
  • How to lead and inspire even without your title
  • How to identify limiting beliefs hindering communication and business success
  • How to respond from your positive center
  • How to leverage empathy in negotiations

Conflict Resolution and Mediation – If you are in need of a neutral 3rd party, Empatica Communications will mediate for the parties in your organization. Mediation is an opportunity to work out a mutual agreement.

Don’t wait until a situation or conflict becomes toxic. We invite early preemtive measures to ensure successful workflow. But even if you feel a situation has become toxic, it’s never too late to work toward a harmonious win/win outcome. Mediation can help you with: 

  • Organization Transitions 
  • Listen impartially to staff concerns 
  • Team building and relationship repair 
  • Effective communication training 
  • Assistance with bullying, discrimination, resentment and retaliation  
  • Best practices and no gossip policy 
  • Ongoing conflicts
  • And more… 

Training and Certificate issued by the Austin Dispute Resolution Center. Please email for further details.

Human Capital Mindfulness -Are you ready to be a socially responsible business or organization and recognize the enormous return in investment regarding the contributions of human infrastructure? Integrating policies and concepts of a caring and empathic economy will focus on quality of life, human development, environmental sustainability and business success. Learn the Dominator and Partnership spectrum to create awareness. Learn how to identify dominator narratives and unlearn dominator societal conditioning.

Speak Empathy Business Certification – After 3 cycles of training and competency evaluation, your organization will be recognized as a “Speak Empathy” Organization. The organization will be given credentials and a certificate that will show you are part of the “Speak Empathy” members tribe.